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pac get!

Dienstag, Juni 26th, 2007

pac man C.E. i’ve been meaning to write a bit about video games for some time now. to my great surprise, it took a rebuilt version of an old classic to make this happen. pac man C.E. has taken up large batches of my spare (and not so spare) time lately, and i think it will continue to do so. toru iwatani and his team at namco have managed to revive the good old ghost eater in a style similar to newer games such as lumines and geometry wars, and the result is nothing less than painfully addictive. for more info, check out the excellent review on

other games i have recently played, enjoyed, and can wholeheartedly recommend are gears of war, god of war II, crackdown and guitar hero 2. guitar hero 2 is great for two reasons (a) it’s fun, and (b) olga is addicted to it. she recently beat my career score on the worldwide leaderboards, making it impossible for me to simply stop playing. this is rather unfortunate, since i am way too busy playing forza motorsport 2 and the recently fixed motorstorm.

fm2 lotus elise 135R

my fm2 lotus elise 135r. both the paintjob as well as the screenshot were created using in-game tools.

eddy and i gave the motorstorm time trials a go during his recent berlin visit, and they rock. in any case, i’m all about the races these days, which is a nice distraction from all the first- or third person action games of early 2007. but not to worry, there’s so much more on the horizon. i’ll be in san diego and montreal in the first two weeks of august, only to be welcomed by bioshock when i get back home. bioshock is the spiritual successor to system shock 2, which, to my great shame, i have never finished. september will greet us with halo 3, and the recent multiplayer beta was significantly more fun than i had expected. october is gta IV month. i’ve played all ps2 incarnations of the series, and judging from the trailer (and yes, the hype) this one should be good. ubisoft has some year-end fun in store for us with assassin’s creed and splinter cell: conviction. the assassin’s creed video footage looks awesome and really nails the visual style. as for conviction: a very good friend of mine is working on their physics and animation systems, and i can’t wait to see the results.

all in all, i’d say 2007 is (and will likely stay) a great year for video games.

in closing, check out what most video gamers look like, and the king of kong. we are indeed a weird (and mostly competitive) breed. we also like the fun. and some even enjoy making games. i personally also enjoy talking about games. for a glimpse of both the talking and the making, check out the class on video game programming i have been teaching at tu berlin this summer term. finally, this link will clarify the title of this post. shine get!