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vision award

Samstag, März 28th, 2009

osmos won the 2009 D2D vision award at the IGF awards ceremony. yay! this all happened last wednesday. in the meanwhile, i’ve taken an overnight flight to chicago, where i have been busy judging the entries for this year’s SIGGRAPH conference. so for today (more to come soon), i can leave you with a streaming video of the awards ceremony. our part is around the 32 minute mark.

the awards ceremony was one crazy event. very professionally produced, and lots of fun. actually, we were nervous as hell, so the real fun started after we calmed down some time later. the definite effect this all had, is that we will continue making games. not sure how, when or what exactly, but i have a bit of a plan. and it involves me giving in and getting a mac. more on this in the near future. first though, i could really use some sleep.

osmos and zeit²

Freitag, März 20th, 2009

osmos our video game osmos has been nominated for three awards at this year’s independent games festival (igf)! eddy and i are on our way to san francisco this saturday to attend the game developers conference (gdc), the indie games summit, and the igf. the awards ceremony is on wednesday evening, and man, are we excited! we’re nominated for excellence in design, technical excellence and the seumas mcnally grand prize. it was also just announced that we’re nominated for the direct2drive vision award, and you can vote for our game in the igf audience award category, if you like what you see. if you’re interested in more details, some interviews and our general blog, have a look at the hemisphere games website.

osmos on steam frontpage a demo just appeared on valve’s distribution platform steam, where the full game will be available sometime later this year. if you click on the image left, you’ll see the (small) osmos logo in the list, on the steam frontpage along with things like left 4 dead and team fortress 2. so cool… osmos will also be available via direct2drive’s indie games portal. and while the demo gives a pretty good picture in terms of what to expect, eddy is hard at work on more visual experiments for the final version.

zeit² it’s also very much worth mentioning that a group of my very talented students in the tu-berlin game programming and design course are one of the igf student showcase winners! zeit² was developed over the course of a 13 week game programming and design course in the summer of 2008, and it is simply incredible what they have achieved in such short time. thanks to xna, the game runs on both windows and the xbox 360. xbox community games are not (yet) available in germany, but i am sure that the game will be up for grabs once germany is added to the list (hopefully in 2009). encouraged by this, and the overall quality of the games developed in my three courses in berlin, i am continuing this line of teaching (and possibly research) at my new position at rutgers university.

this all still feels too good to be true. we have been getting some incredible feedback over the past weeks since the igf announcement. our forum is full of constructive, positive reactions to the demo, and even rod humble found some very nice words to say in the comments of eddy’s gamasutra interview. rod is the developer of the marriage, which i (and many others) frequently use as a demonstration of just how strong the meaningful abstraction of visuals and interaction can be. thanks rod! and thanks to all of you who have continuously supported our efforts and my desire to work on this. it has been more rewarding than i had ever hoped, and i can promise that you have not seen the last of us. now that this kicked off, let’s see how far we can go. there are many ideas afloat, and so many nice platforms to develop for (looking at you, iphone). to be continued… cheers!