work = fun and games ?

penny arcade so yeah, it’s not always fun and games. but, fortunately, sometimes it actually is! to instantly out myself as a gaming geek, i have been greatly enjoying penny arcade these past weeks. i remember reading them way, way back, i think on their second comic or so (thanks to my former roommate alex). if you know a bit about (video)games and like the comics you’re in for a treat. they’ve also published their early works in hardcopy form, and i’ve been re-reading them ever since they arrived in my mailbox. webcomics are cool. especially videogame related ones…

computer graphicsand, since i strive to keep up the fun and games, i’ve put up a jobsearch website recently, and am currently involved in some preliminary talks. but perhaps i should stick to my academic roots, which have also been mostly rewarding + enjoyable = fun. to complete this post, we have a nice new computer graphics website up at tu berlin, where i am currently in my final year of phd studies. if all goes well, graduation will commence sometime summer 2007. drop by if you’re in berlin. cheers.

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