summers end

we had a really, really enjoyable summer. berlin isn’t as bad as i thought in this respect, and we’re still getting lots of nice weather these days too. unfortunately, i caught a nasty cold and am coughing and sneezing away here in my office. meh…

olga and meolga and i are off to helsinki this weekend to give some talks at the university and visit our friends there. olga, who is totally underrepresented in my weblog of the past three years, is the delightful and beautiful girl in this picture, which was taken on the last day of takeo’s three month visit to our new lab, when we went to see schloss sanssouci (thanks marc). olga and i have been living together in the center of berlin since june, and we’re liking it. and, as i suspected a while ago, living in berlin is entirely different from just visiting it. at least for me. this is now our home and hideaway, and fortunately it feels that way, maybe thanks to modern soundproofing technology. our windows are awesome.

did you notice the address bar icon on olga’s website? i’m (very) slowly but surely getting her addicted to some games. muhahahaha. soon she will be one of us. to put it in monty burns words: excellent.

2 Responses to “summers end”

  1. Loni sagt:

    Hee Herr Nealen,
    dank Sissis Hochzeit vor 2 Wochen gabs nen dickes Fest in Darmstadt inkl. Urte mit Ihrem lustigen Emil, Kalli, Susi…
    falls es Euch im Winter mal in die Berge ziehen sollte, seid Ihr herzlich in Andreas und meiner Wohnung willkommen ;-)
    greetz Loni

  2. ursel sagt:

    allerspätestens sehen wir uns aber alle am 23.12. in der krone und loni, ich war bis dahin bestimmt immer noch nicht beim friseur (ich mutiere langsam zum vokuhila, soll ja wieder in sein). falls olga vor dem 23. aber endlich mal das berühmte traisa sehen möchte (was ist schon sanssouci), zögert nicht und klüngelt. bis denne.