i’m not an addict

stefan visited us in berlin a few weeks ago, which generally leads to some hitting the town, and playing lots and lots of games. in this case i should rather use the singular „game“, since all we played all weekend was fight night. here’s us playing, the picture being heavily inspired by the penny arcade comic strip on the left.

penny arcade couch potatoes

i play games. lots of games. while i really enjoy many other activities, such as playing the guitar, snowboarding, photography, etc., nothing captivates my attention as much as a really good game. games are fun. period. online, offline, solo, with friends, whatever. i like games. and yes, i am an addict. in a good way, i think. and while this sometimes felt awkward in the early to mid 90s, when i’d listen to stuff like: „you’re a grown-up, why in the world do you play and/or like videogames?“, it has become fairly standard to indulge in the this pastime, independent of age. this development has even reached germany, although we’re still far from the craziness in north america and japan, which i guess is why they always get stuff first. meh.

and since it’s the title of this post, always remember that there used to be this great band k’s choice, and while they’re pretty much over these days, their old stuff is still great.

One Response to “i’m not an addict”

  1. Through the joys of Mr. Google, I found your site pretty easily :-)

    This was my favorite of your posts on the home page so figured it’s where I would drop my first comment.

    My brother and I played A LOT of video games as kids. Many many many hours of games. But we played the strategy games (E.G. Civilizations, Ultima, D&D, Sim City Axis & Allies, etc).

    I don’t play videos games any more, though I often dream about spending a whole afternoon locked into a good, mind pushing, game. It also scares me to spend that much time doing something like that in my „free time“ because I would feel like there was something else I should be doing.

    Video game playing, for me, is on par with skipping in the park on a sunny day. It would be really nice, but there are a zillion tasks that say I shouldn’t.

    Maybe if I got my wife to play with me, then it’d be cool, because I’d feel like I was using my free time (defined as time not at my work), to connect with her.