i’m currently in kuala lumpur, living in the klcc (kuala lumpur city center) district, about 300m from the petronas twin towers. if i wasn’t as forgetful as i tend to be, i could post a picture. unfortunately though, i forgot to take my camera. i’ve been hunting for a new one here, but since they cost as much as in germany i’m going to pass. instead, check out youtube endeavors posted on the interweb.

i’ve been here for exactly a week now. it’s always warm and humid, the people are very friendly and overall i’ve had a better time than i had expected after arriving in the pouring rain last monday. hanging out with marc (a fellow cg dude from strasbourg) and meeting jenny and martin last night surely helped. the 0.66 liter tiger beers helped too, i think.

the graphite conference, while very well organized (and held at a cool venue), was a slight disappointment. and, surprise, it was not the quality of the papers that bothered me. many authors simply did not show up for the conference, and therefore for their talks. this is totally unacceptable and unprofessional in my opinion, and i think the publications should be retroactively nullified, should the authors not have notified the conference office in advance. small conferences such as graphite rely on all authors participating. publishing merely for the sake of the isbn number is pitiful. end of rant. aside of this annoyance, the conference and the networking was fun and informative.

kuala lumpur greeted me with lots of rain, fog and humidity, but after this week i can’t say i dislike it here. it’s actually kinda cool. far away from home, and quite a lengthy flight for a one week stay, but cool. still, it’s time to leave. tomorrow. now it’s time to get back to thom yorke and murakami’s kafka on the shore.

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