new this year

or this new year? what i mean to say is happy new year, only a little late. so, what is new this year? i’d say, not very much. and who says that this „grand moment“ between two consecutive years changes anything anyway? but thinking about potential upcoming changes, and what might become new this year… well. this sounds much more interesting to me. but: lets start with how i spent (parts) of the new year. olga and i visited (among others) her parents in israel for the holidays. since i once again do not live near much nature in berlin, i tried spending as much time as possible near the ocean. winter in israel isn’t overly warm anymore, but still very nice for strolling along the beach with a lovely person, a bit of sunshine and some great tunes. some impressions:

israel01 israel02 israel03 israel04 
israel05 israel06 israel07 israel08 
israel09 israel10 israel11

january has been 90% filled with preparing a siggraph submission, which incidentally constitutes the final (and most likely main) chapter of my phd thesis. once it’s written, that is. from approximately mid february on i will be on extended away time from the lab (> one month), and while i mainly plan to catch up on some reading, hanging out in berlin cafes and doing lots of something (i have a leisure todo list that’s a mile long), i will also get my thesis underway. needless to say, i am really looking forward to these months. it’ll be swell. thereafter, this summer term i will (finally) be teaching a course on game programming (yay). but after the summer term, and therefore after the phd? who knows. let’s just say this year is likely to have some surprises in store, making too much planning on my behalf very, very obsolete.

and how have you all been? don’t be a stranger and drop a line from time to time… except for you eddy, you i owe a long email. to be written as soon as i’m back from monaco next weekend. cheers!

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