san diego summer

siggraph 2007 logo Our submission made it to siggraph 2007… yay! I have been enjoying a few months of kinda downtime, and what better way to get back into the flow of things. kinda downtime, because i was not only doing random stuff as originally planned, but have been preparing the game programming course, reviewing a relatively large amount of siggraph papers, attending a workshop on pen centric computing, and also starting to write up my phd thesis (which i will submit on may 20th, at least that’s the plan).

siggraph 2007 logosure, games were played, good friends hosted, and too much coffee consumed, but it seems i simply can’t purely slack anymore. what happened to those good old student days of blissful nothingness? ah well, good times nonetheless. if i find the time, i’ll write about it in some in some more detail. for now though, i’m looking forward to a beautiful berlin summer and a trip to san diego in august. cheers. [ps. we have made the software available. click on the image to reach the project page.]

2 Responses to “san diego summer”

  1. Hendrik sagt:

    Congratulations, dude! That’s awesome. Looking forward to reading your paper. Hey, maybe I’ll even make it to Siggraph this year. I’ll see. I’ll be at Adobe again during that time. And pretty much everybody else there is going to go. So I might as well. Would be fun to experience Siggraph once and meet you as well as folks from my past as a graphics guy.

  2. andy sagt:

    hey hendrik! yeah, it would be very cool if you would come to san diego this summer! no plans have been made yet, but olga and i might actually try to visit vancouver and/or montreal. we shall see… as for the paper: we’ll make it available after the camera ready version is finalized (latest may 2nd, i think). in the meantime, takeo set up a project page at the university of tokyo, which is linked from the image above. you can grab our prototype implementation there. if you find the time, let me know what you think. and hope to see you this summer!