our youtube premiere

got my first youtube video up. woot. it’s the video for our siggraph paper, which was a very collaborative effort of takeo, olga, marc and myself. i think we are all happy with the result, and getting accepted to siggraph, but check it out for yourself

we’ve made the paper(s), videos and the software available on our project pages. if you find it useful, drop us a line. feedback is always welcome. note though, that the software is a research prototype, and might crash. save often. cheers.

[update.] here some more research stuff. i present to you: silsketch.

we just got this work accepted to the workshop on sketch-based interfaces and modeling. my m.sc. student johannes will be presenting at the workshop. congratulations man!

4 Responses to “our youtube premiere”

  1. Hendrik sagt:

    Very cool. Good work!

  2. andy sagt:

    thanks hendrik. hope to see you and eric in san diego this summer!

  3. ursel sagt:

    was für ein lustiges gnubbelmännlein. alkohol ist immer noch auf deinem speiseplan? aber: auch für einen gnubbelmännchen-laien beeindruckend.

  4. johannes sagt:

    thx! had a *lot* of drinks, finished coh in three days, still cannot believe that I’m done, still hoping that my 0x30h pages won’t kill my grades, still trying to stay grounded – yeehaaa!!! uhm – was that me???