vision award

osmos won the 2009 D2D vision award at the IGF awards ceremony. yay! this all happened last wednesday. in the meanwhile, i’ve taken an overnight flight to chicago, where i have been busy judging the entries for this year’s SIGGRAPH conference. so for today (more to come soon), i can leave you with a streaming video of the awards ceremony. our part is around the 32 minute mark.

the awards ceremony was one crazy event. very professionally produced, and lots of fun. actually, we were nervous as hell, so the real fun started after we calmed down some time later. the definite effect this all had, is that we will continue making games. not sure how, when or what exactly, but i have a bit of a plan. and it involves me giving in and getting a mac. more on this in the near future. first though, i could really use some sleep.

2 Responses to “vision award”

  1. Julien sagt:

    Hey, Congratulations from Darmstadt ;)

  2. Urte sagt:

    uiuiui, ich bin schwer beeindruckt ! außerdem gefällt mir osmos. glückwunsch.