i’m not an addict

November 10th, 2006

stefan visited us in berlin a few weeks ago, which generally leads to some hitting the town, and playing lots and lots of games. in this case i should rather use the singular „game“, since all we played all weekend was fight night. here’s us playing, the picture being heavily inspired by the penny arcade comic strip on the left.

penny arcade couch potatoes

i play games. lots of games. while i really enjoy many other activities, such as playing the guitar, snowboarding, photography, etc., nothing captivates my attention as much as a really good game. games are fun. period. online, offline, solo, with friends, whatever. i like games. and yes, i am an addict. in a good way, i think. and while this sometimes felt awkward in the early to mid 90s, when i’d listen to stuff like: „you’re a grown-up, why in the world do you play and/or like videogames?“, it has become fairly standard to indulge in the this pastime, independent of age. this development has even reached germany, although we’re still far from the craziness in north america and japan, which i guess is why they always get stuff first. meh.

and since it’s the title of this post, always remember that there used to be this great band k’s choice, and while they’re pretty much over these days, their old stuff is still great.

sketching your own everything

November 3rd, 2006

i’ve been kind of addicted to the concept of sketching in computer graphics in recent years, which is why i have chosen it as my (primary) phd topic. and sure, i love my nintendo ds, have a wacom cintiq in the office, and will very likely play the critically acclaimed okami as soon as it arrives in europe. but the possibility of actually creating your own furniture from 3d sketches? kudos to you adventurous people who take risks and actually make these things happen.

a few years back a friend of mine showed me a 3d spray paint application running in a cave. while it was not possible to model or deform the result, the thought of using your hands to mold and carve the shapes seemed very intriguing to me. after watching the above video, it’s obvious (and great) that i am not alone with these ideas.

tetris: from russia with love

Oktober 28th, 2006

watch the video to see tetris (and its maker) in all its glory. i just stumbled across this great bbc documentary, which was linked from my beloved kotaku. enjoy.

[update. unfortunately, the video was pulled from google videos. it is mentioned on the tetris wikipedia site]

as many others, i was totally hooked on this game back when it got packaged with the original game boy. for some reason i never tried it on any other platform since then, although it has been ported and re-released widely. easy to learn, difficult to master, i guess that’s what does it for me.

sapidah man!

Oktober 28th, 2006

this is a few days old, but since i’m experimenting around with embedding all kinds of media into this new blog, i thought i’d add one of the funniest youtube videos i have seen in a while. this one here (including the post title) was pointed out by my good buddy eddy.

ah yes, the interweb. everything on demand. i like it.

summers end

Oktober 23rd, 2006

we had a really, really enjoyable summer. berlin isn’t as bad as i thought in this respect, and we’re still getting lots of nice weather these days too. unfortunately, i caught a nasty cold and am coughing and sneezing away here in my office. meh…

olga and meolga and i are off to helsinki this weekend to give some talks at the university and visit our friends there. olga, who is totally underrepresented in my weblog of the past three years, is the delightful and beautiful girl in this picture, which was taken on the last day of takeo’s three month visit to our new lab, when we went to see schloss sanssouci (thanks marc). olga and i have been living together in the center of berlin since june, and we’re liking it. and, as i suspected a while ago, living in berlin is entirely different from just visiting it. at least for me. this is now our home and hideaway, and fortunately it feels that way, maybe thanks to modern soundproofing technology. our windows are awesome.

did you notice the address bar icon on olga’s website? i’m (very) slowly but surely getting her addicted to some games. muhahahaha. soon she will be one of us. to put it in monty burns words: excellent.

work = fun and games ?

Oktober 21st, 2006

penny arcade so yeah, it’s not always fun and games. but, fortunately, sometimes it actually is! to instantly out myself as a gaming geek, i have been greatly enjoying penny arcade these past weeks. i remember reading them way, way back, i think on their second comic or so (thanks to my former roommate alex). if you know a bit about (video)games and like the comics you’re in for a treat. they’ve also published their early works in hardcopy form, and i’ve been re-reading them ever since they arrived in my mailbox. webcomics are cool. especially videogame related ones…

computer graphicsand, since i strive to keep up the fun and games, i’ve put up a jobsearch website recently, and am currently involved in some preliminary talks. but perhaps i should stick to my academic roots, which have also been mostly rewarding + enjoyable = fun. to complete this post, we have a nice new computer graphics website up at tu berlin, where i am currently in my final year of phd studies. if all goes well, graduation will commence sometime summer 2007. drop by if you’re in berlin. cheers.

number one

Oktober 21st, 2006

mewow. finally. my isp added a nice wordpress blog to their services. now i have a system that will assist me in never updating my website. well. maybe not. it looks easy enough, so who knows. maybe you’ll read more in the near future. in any case, i have not been able to hide my german origins just yet, as you can see from the months on this page. whatever. it actually makes it look kinda hip, eh? oh well… so, if i find the time (and i hope i will), expect to find general updates (= boring) and links to cool movies, music, games and books i have recently enjoyed or still enjoy (= much more interesting, i think). moving on… cheers.


Oktober 21st, 2006

this is my blog. surprise.